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Title Executive Decisions,
Fandom MCU
Pairings Tony/Bruce, Clint/Phil/Pepper, ensamble
word count 900
Notes for Holiday Happenings, Presidents Day

Tony walked I to the lobby of Stark Towers brushing the snow from his coat before simply taking it off and shaking the offending white stuff completely away. Grumbling all the way to his private elevator, he made his decision before the door even closed.

"J have the plane prepped," Tony instructed as he punched the button to the living room floor.

"Where shall I have the flight plan set to, Sir?"

"Some place warm. I am tired of all this fucking snow," he grumbled as his coat dripped a little on his suit.

"Australia is currently in the upper 90s. Hawaii is always a good place but maybe not as much privacy. Tahiti, Fiji, American Samoa. All of those places have places for supreme privacy and warm beaches."

"Fine, pick one, make reservations, book the whole place, I don't care. I want warm and no gawkers."

"Very well, Sir."

As the doors opened, Tony saw everyone was gathered in the comfy couches watching a movie, with the lights turned down low.

"Pack your bags my friends," he announced as he walked into the center of the room.

"Why?" Tasha questioned.

"We are blowing the popsicle stand and going someplace warm. With sunshine and beaches."

"And you made this decision for all of us?" Steve questioned.

"As a matter of fact, I did."

"And who are you to make that choice for all of us?" Steve once again challenged.

"Well you are living under my roof and I am paying most of your bills," Tony snarked back.

"Tony..." Pepper warned from where she was sitting with her head in Phil's lap and her feet in Clint's.

"No, I've made an executive decision based on hearing our lethal Natasha complaining about not being able to stand winters and it being a disgrace to her Russian heritage. Bruce was grumbling about driving in snow and how pitiful other people were at driving in snow. I do believe Legolas was complaining about it as was Agent when they had to leave the confines of the tower and actually be out in it with other people. Judging from how much he bounced around in it, the Other Guy might be the only one who liked it when we had to fight those damn snowman doombots," Tony stated like he was ticking off items on a list, which in fact he was. Turning back to face Steve, he challenged, "So Steve, if you like it so much then you can stay here but we are out the door to the airport and sunny beaches in fifteen minutes for anyone who is coming."

Tony just smirked as everyone but Steve got up and headed to their respected suites to pack, chatting amongst themselves about what they were and weren't going to pack.

"You just can buy everyone's friendship," Steve stated like a disapproving parent.

"I'm not buying anything. I am going and gave everyone the option to come along or not. You don't want to come, fine by me. Stay here and be a martyr, I really don't care," Tony said as he turned and headed back to the elevator that would take him to the penthouse where his lover was waiting.


Tony And Bruce were the first to arrive and he stood next to the plane, while Bruce made himself comfortable inside, waiting for everyone else to arrive. He knew from JARVIS that they were within moments of arrival.

He smiled at they started to climb out of their cars with bags of varying sizes. Clutched in their hands.

He raised his eyebrow at the small bag Natasha held.


"That's a pretty small bag."

"You promised a beach, so I have bikinis, a couple sarongs, and a little back dress, just incase and my kindle. Don't need much more and I'm sure if I do it can be purchased."

Tony smiled at her answer, ever practicable Natasha. Peppers bag was barely bigger than Tasha's, as was Agents. Clint carried two bags and he knew one was his bow and quiver. As their gear was loaded minus tablets and reading material, Tony was about to tell the pilot to get ready to depart when a taxi pulled up.

He was unable to keep the smirk off his face when he saw Steve get out and pay the driver, his duffle thrown over his shoulder, he did, at Bruce's urging keep his smart ass comments to himself. While the crew stowed Steve's bag, he gave the pilot instructions to make ready for take off.

"So J where are we going," he asked once everyone was seated.

"We are going to San Francisco first, and from there, Tahiti and a private island where there are bungalows over the water reserved for everyone, leading to a private beach with plenty of hiking trails should anyone wish to explore past the beach. A boat will be at your disposable for trips to the main island if anyone gets bored."

"J you are the best," Tony declared sitting back and closing his eyes. Listening to the hum around him as they discussed swimming and reading and doing nothing. He was very glad he made the decision for this little vacation for them and that the majority of them hadn't argued. When he felt Bruce's hand in his, he smiled not even nothing to open his eyes. Life was good.


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Feb. 18th, 2014 11:23 pm (UTC)
I knew Steve would see the error of his ways...lol
Feb. 19th, 2014 01:23 am (UTC)
Lol... Yeah.
Feb. 19th, 2014 04:05 pm (UTC)
What a fantastic executive decision. MAN I wish I had a Tony! GREAT WORK!!!

Now, pick a fandom and a single word prompt for your obligatory reward!
Feb. 25th, 2014 07:25 am (UTC)
Okay so I'm just getting back from a dog show.

Fandom. Avengers. Sex.</p>


Mar. 4th, 2014 06:16 pm (UTC)
Accidentally Naked - Avengers, 250 words, Hulkeye - Teen to mature

It's where my brain went, hon. Hope you enjoy!
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