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Weekend Challenge-Randomly Generated-Graphics

For the weekend challenge this weekend I asked for two word prompts and two picture prompts so that I would have a variety to work from. I've come up with graphics for the word prompts and would like to make graphics for the picture prompts when I have the chance.

Word Prompt #3 - Strong Coffee

photo StrongCoffee.jpg
Click on the graphic to be taken to the full size version - 1152 x 768

Word Prompt #12 - The Last Time

For awhile wasn't sure what I was going to do with this one since I had a few ideas but nothing that I was really thrilled with until I thought of this idea. Better Angels is the name of the last episode that Ralph Waite was in on NCIS and the screencaps used are from the last scene in the episode. Really going to miss seeing Jackson Gibbs :-(

photo TheLastTime.jpg
Click on the graphic to be taken to the full size version - 768 x 768
Tags: creation: image, weekend: challenge
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