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Space Vampires (BtVS & Stargate-verse)

Title: Space Vampires
Author: sexycazzy
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate-verse
Characters: Xander Harris, Evan Lorne
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 440
Summary: Xander doesn't believe in space vampires
Disclaimer: all recongisable characters doesn't belong to me but to their shows & creators
Author’s Notes: for 1_million_words's February Crossovers challenge & for heffermonkey who suggested BtVS & SGA or SG1 or a mixture of both Unbeta-ed so apologises for any mistakes etc in advance.

Space Vampires

"Space vampires?" Xander chuckled. "There's no such as space vampires."

Major Evan Lorne simple raised an eyebrow and looked at the young solider seriously.

"If you saw what they did, you wouldn't laugh."

Xander started to laugh but stopped when he saw the major shaking his head.

"We call them Wraith," Evan said.

"I'm sure the vampires I staked are more dangerous than the Wraith," Xander asked, hastily.

Evan knew about Xander's history and how he helped the Vampire Slayer back on Earth.

“I am not so sure,” Evan stood up and walked over to the television and a DVD player. He inserted a DVD in the player and turned to Xander.

“You tell me after watching this,” he sat back down.

* * * *
After Sunnydale, Xander didn’t want to stick around so he decided to sign up for the Army after being turned into a soldier on Halloween a few years ago and retains extensive military knowledge and training.

Along the way, somehow Xander was led to the Stargate Program and learnt about it.

When General Jack O’Neill met Xander and learnt that he was involved with helping the Vampire Slayer, he realized that perhaps Xander could help them to stop the Wraith from coming to Earth.

O’Neill knew that Sheppard and his team were desperate for someone who could think out of the box and he saw the potential in Xander so he decided to send the recently graduated solider through the gate to Atlantis.

* * * *

Xander was pale and shaking after he watched a video of a Wraith and saw how they sucked the life out of Colonel Sheppard. He saw how the Colonel aged rapidly in such a short span of time.

Having met the Colonel, who looked different from the video, he struggled to ask Evan how.

"The same Wraith gave the Colonel his life back," Evan told him about how the Wraith gave the Colonel his life back and why.

Xander began to realize how dangerous the Wraith can be and how they can wipe out the entire human race (or any other races they can eat/suck out).

"Oh my god...we have to stop them! They can't come to Earth!" Xander cried out as he stood up abruptly.

”I know. That's why you are here," Evan put a hand on Xander’s shoulder and squeezed it gently.

“Because of what you did back in Sunnydale, we thought that you might be help us to try to find a way to stop the Wraith from killing more people and finding Earth."

Xander opened his mouth in shock and stared at Evan, blinking a few times.


~ fin ~


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