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OMG, I am slack!

I have been very remiss and I have left this VERY late *smacks self*. I can only apologise to csichick_2 and fairyniamh, but here I am now and it's not too late for our members to help me out...

Birthdays for this month have not yet been announced, so go under the cut to find out what you need to know before you begin creating!

csichick_2's birthday is on the 16th Feb, and fairyniamh's is on the 19th Feb. Both of these lovelies have been wondrous creators for the comm and they deserve some love for it! Please get your creating heads on and make either a fic under 1000 words or one wallpaper or a couple of icons. Anything above and beyond that is up to you, but it's all good! ;-)

Now, for the info you need:

csichick_2's wishlist goes like this:

Types of gifts she'd like: Anything really, though I'm short on icon space.
Main fandoms: Harry Potter (Percy/Oliver, Remus/Sirius, Bill/Tonks, Charlie/Draco, Draco/Ginny, Ginny/Neville, Neville/Luna, Ron/Hermione) CSI (Nick/Greg, Nick/Mandy, Greg/Morgan) Sherlock (Johnlock, Mystrade) Law & Order (McCoy/Kincaid, McCoy/Cutter, Lupo/Rubirosa), Rent (Mark/Roger)
Genre/style, subject etc: I really like both smut and fluffy kidfic
Prompts and/or special requests: No excessive angst or character death please.

And fairyniamh has a list like this:

Types of gifts she'd like: Words, Icons, banners for stories I have written, art for stories I have written
Main fandoms: Teen Wolf (Top Fandom), Naruto, Star Trek (AOS)
Genre/style, subject etc: Slash or Gen, H/C, Fluff, ABO, Humor, Family, AU, Fairy Tales
Prompts and/or special requests: Top Pairings are: Derek/Stiles, Haku/Naruto, Iruka/Naruto, McCoy/Kirk, NC-17 def. not required as I am picky about bottom/top roles. My preferred bottoms are Stiles, Naruto, and Kirk. 
Things she loves reading: non-con cuddles, logical MPreg (Aliens - ABO - Magic), fake-relationships turning real, fluff
Things that make her wiggy/squick her: ummmm snake skin textures, scat, water sports, abuse, Death Fic, Genderbending

I will come back on the birthdays in question (in NZ time, which is ahead of you all, so you will have a good 48 hours of birthday time to get your creations up!) and post so you can add your creations or a link and to wish our lovely members a happy day in one place, to make it easier all around! You'll make me proud, and give them something memorable, I have no doubt! ;-) Apologies again for the delay - I am a bear of little brain.


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