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Monday Madness: Original Fic

Hi original ficcers! how have you been going on your own stories lately? Had a good month? A not-so-good month, or been busy with fanfic and not got there at all, like me?

banner-Original fic

This month, I'm interested in seeing how you go about creating characters. What comes first for you? Do you get a name and go about creating a character to fit, or do you have the character developed and then you seek a name? Do you describe them at the beginning of the story, or gradually as the story develops? Show me examples of one (or more) of your characters and how you introduced them in the story, by giving me an excerpt here in the comments, or a link to the section of the story where that character enters the fic. Make it a character you're particularly pleased with, or if you're game, ask for other members' suggestions on what might make it better, or for help with someone you're having difficulty creating or rounding out.

And any time you want help or opinions, or just people to read your original work, remember this is a safe place to link or showcase it. Anyone reading, I ask only that if you have opinions to share, please be constructive, and offer your suggestions in words you would expect to receive them on your own work! I know you will all probably have this in mind already, but a reminder is never a bad thing, right?;-)
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