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Doctor Who Fandom Squee Day 6 - A Laugh A Day, Keep The Doctor Away

So for the final day, before tomorrows wrap-up post, I am putting together a catch-all post, of some of the fun Doctor Who things we didn't get to show you yet. It's hard with a show that has been running for 50 years.

I am posting some Doctor Who facts, Youtube clips, and our very own 1MW Doctor Who Meme!

And of course, if you have more, share!

Tom Baker’s (the 4th Doctor) long scarf was created by accident
So the rumor is James Acheson, the costume designer, gave several balls of yarn to a knitter to make a normal-sized scarf for the Doctor, picking a color that looked good. What she did instead, was knit them into the long scarf we know and love today.

In fact‘The crew sometimes used to stand on it and yell with laughter when I spun around,’ Tom Baker told in an interview.

The Dalek's have a novelty Christmas song about them No joke people this is for real. The Go Go's did this,

Since I got you on YouTube watch Doctor Who Theme On 8 Floppy Drives
you know those old floppy drives? Well I think the do a better job playing music than reading my 5th grade report on presidents

You Know This Sound

But Did you know The sound the TARDIS makes was from old keys dragged down the bass cords of an old piano, then played backward?

Also it makes that sound because, as River said, the Doctor leaves the brakes on.

An Advancement For Women Doctor Who had the first ever female producer. Verity Lambert took the job, after two men turned it down. If you want to see more about her, watch An Adventure in Space and Time, a movie about the start of the series.

Every Who fan knows Torchwood is and anagram for Doctor Who But did your know the word was used to label the first shows of the Ninth Doctor so nothing will be leaked.

and speaking of film footage Doctor Who saves the Beatles The only footage left of The Beatles on a show called Top of the Pops was from a 1965 Dr. Who show. The original was lost in a BBC film purge.

and because of film purges Today It Is Impossible To Watch All The Doctor Who Shows In fact the 2nd Doctor only has two stories in his first two seasons - The Tomb of the Cybermen and The Enemy of the World - still exist in their entirety; ten stories only exist partially (most with one or two episodes out of 4 or 6); and four are lost in their entirety: his first story, The Power of the Daleks; Jamie's first adventure, The Highlanders; The Macra Terror; and Victoria's last adventure, Fury From the Deep.

Keep Hollywood Away From Doctor Who Every once in awhile, we (Americans) get the need to try and cash in with a Doctor of there own. In the 80's a movie was being kicked around with the Doctor as - Micheal Jackson. Second choice was Bill Cosby.

I wonder if that's where this joke came from

And Leaving you with a favorite of mine

Also for fun and words

Your First Doctor: (which one did you start with)
Your Favorite Doctor: (The one you wish you could have seen more of)
You are now the Doctor companion (hope you live) where is the first place you ask him to take you to?
You are now a Doctor Who Baddie, who/what are you:
Thanks to Doctor Who, I now am fearful of:
What would you pick for your trademark slogan
Scarves, Umbrellas, Bow Tie, Striped Pants, or Celery Stalks, what would you wear?
Quick the Cybermen are attacking! Grab your sonic screwdriver and the first three items to your right to build a doo-dad stop them. What do you have?
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