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Weekend Challenge Fic

Don't know if anyone here likes this show, but this was what kept sticking in my mind when I thought about the prompts I got.

Title: I Could Get Used To This
Fandom: Revolution
Author: alba17
Pairings/Characters: Miles/Rachel (implied), Miles/Bass (implied), Charlie/OC
Length: ~1600 words
Summary: Miles and company go on vacation
Rating: Gen, more or less
Warnings/Spoilers: None for the show really. On the silly side, even though I tried to make it kind of realistic.
A/N: For 1_million_words weekend challenge. Prompts: Puerto Rico, Tequila Sunrise, no clothing, horseback riding.

It was like a family vacation in the old days. If it were completely dysfunctional, fucked up family, that is.

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