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Monday Madness: Recs!

Hi everyone; here's something to get your week started. This week we're all about recs. You got some reading matter you'd like to rec? Maybe there's this great wallpaper someone made that you'd like to show us? This is where you do it!

    banner-flying books

Today, I'm suggesting you rec something along these lines:

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!

The theme is taken from the Timbuk3 song of the same name, and suggests something after the time of the show or movie in a fandom; one where things are looking good for the characters, or one where you can see that good things are about to happen, or even if they are happening. In other words, a positive future beyond the storyline we're currently looking at or where the show/movie ended.

Any fandom, any genre, any creator, and any place. The only stipulation is that the creation must be openly available to public viewing, and perhaps you may also want to check with the maker that they are okay with you sharing to this community. Otherwise, go for it! We all need a break from making things ourselves, so see this as a reward if you will, and if it inspires you to create more words of your own in a similar direction (but no plagiarizing, obviously!), then it's even better!

On this theme, I have a great H50 fic to share with you. This one's written by a good online friend of mine (so while I've been a bit slow to ask her permission, I'm fairly sure she won't mind me spreading my love for it to all of you):

I Will Forget The Light by gottalovev

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