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What Goes Around- Part I of II

I seldom post straight to the comm but there's so little LOST audience anymore I figured what the heck.... sigh. I'm not done with 'em yet. ;)

Title: What Goes Around
Fandom/Pairing: LOST - Sawyer/Jack -
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Life gets so much better for James Ford after they're rescued. With one exception: A weakness he can't shed, and he's tried....
Note: This is a future fic, set in 2025, long after Ajira-316 flies away from the island. It's remembered Jack/Sawyer, and obsessive Sawyer. It'll be three or four chapers on AO3 and two here on LJ.  It's an idea I've had kicking around forever, and am gifting to haldoor as part of our end of 2013 celebrations on the   1_million_words comm. I still owe some fics from the brag page and I haven't forgotten! This is one of them..and it morphed into multiple chapters. :).  H, half of this is new half is the first part I posted New Year's Eve.

On My LJ Page | On AO3

Tags: creation: fic, misc: brag book

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