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Happy GifDay!

What is Gifday?

Well on the 15th on the month I'll be posting a few sets of gifs (mostly found on tumblr) for you to get your muses going. I will try to vary in fandoms (so I don't go crazy on the Teen Wolf ones:)) and promise not to post any spoilers for shows that have not aired in the US yet. (Feb. is SOOO having Sherlock in it)

These gifs do not belong to me. When I can, I try to get ahold of the creator, when there are no rules about sharing is stated on their blog. Because these belong to other people, please do not copy and repost as your own. I know, that we all know this, but stated anyway.

Posted Here

Posted Here

And the last I have been requested to share the link. Teen Wolf Sci-Fi AU

Lastly if you have a gif set, picspam, gif you want me to share. Or a fandom to include in a post, let me know.
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