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Birthdays for 2014, please!

All righty... kaige68 and I have been talking briefly about the ideas and such for next year. We're very excited about carrying on into 2014, and it seems like most of you are too!

First off, since I don't want to miss a single birthday if I can help it, I want your birthdays! Gimme, gimme, gimme! I'm gathering them up so we can kick off challenge: birthdays!

The idea is a very simple one. Basically, you tell me your special date and on that day (I'll be ahead of most of you all since NZ sees the days first, so for some of you this will stretch out your special day, with luck!), I'll post an entry to announce it. Anyone who wants to can then gift you with whatever they like for your special day, as long as it contributes words or graphics of some kind.

In fact, to make this even more special, what I'd like from you along with your date (and let's be clear, I don't need to know how old you'll be unless you want to share it), is the main fandoms you like and the sort of gifts you'd like (either fics or graphics or both), and maybe some genres, subjects, prompts and/or pairings if that's what'll please you most.

I'm screening the comments so only the mods will see the info at first, but as I add them to our list, I will unscreen them (as I'm not replying or it will get very cluttered!), so if you come back to see if you're on the list, you'll know you are if everyone can see your comment.

And the only requirement here for all those who put forward their b'day details is that they also be willing to offer a few gifts on others' birthdays. You don't have to do something for everyone; just do what you can to pass on the words and the pleasure.

[EDIT: can you please write the month in words, please, as 6/7 means 6th July to a Kiwi and I may get your date wrong otherwise. Thanks to everyone who's written the month in full so far!]

I want to see as many of you signing up as possible, so I will link this entry at the top left of the comm. journal page so you can still sign up at any time later if your birthday isn't early in the year. And once I have you all, I'll spreadsheet it all up and we'll be set! Don't be shy!
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