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Really Random- A.I. Prompts

Apologies for the exceedingly late, should-have-been Tuesday dose of randomness. This week, the creative chaos comes from an artificial intelligence bot!

It's called and it is a "six billion parameter, autoregressive text generation model."

Enter some text, and it'll take it from there- writing a prose that sometimes sounds like poetry, other times like gibberish, and some offerings that sound so writerly that at first I thought it was pulling up book excerpts via google. It's not, however - it's actually writing.

I've seen it on Tumblr quite a bit this week - fandom folks entering their favorite character dialogue and/or character names, and seeing what the A.I. is inspired to give them back.

So today's really random is self-powered and very 21st Century. Give it a try- who knows what fic the AI's prompts may inspire?
Tags: challenge: really random

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