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Thursday Tropes: Week 46

Here we are...the last month of Thursday Tropes. FOUR more Thursdays after today.

I hope you've been enjoying them.

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Descriptions will be pulled from TV Tropes and a link provided if you want more information.

The rules? They're simple. Write at least 250 words or create 2 icons/1 banner. Anything from suggestive to outright porn is allowed.

This week, there are 3 tropes!

Did You Just Have Sex?: This is when a character not known for their sexual prowess acts differently enough (usually more cheerful or mellow) for other characters to notice and question it. They (and sometimes the audience) find out that it is because said character somehow got laid.

(Alternatively, they'll go through the Did You Get a New Haircut? routine.)

Normally used on characters that are a bit grumpy or disillusioned, proving that all they needed was to get laid. It's almost Always Male in this case, as the female equivalent is more subdued.

Compare to Virgin Vision, where another person can tell a character has had sex without any clues being given off, and Virginity Flag, where there is a blatantly obvious sign of the loss of virginity. See also Sex Dressed and Sexy Shirt Switch.

Not to be confused with Did They or Didn't They?.

A Nuclear Error (definitely click the link to read the examples): During the Cold War (and even since), fiction has made some inaccurate assumptions about nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons policy. It made for more exciting drama when writers could pretend that it was easy for some American or Soviet General Ripper type to get control of his country's nukes. However, as the comments below indicate, actual policies changed quite a bit during the Cold War depending on which side one is talking about, so there can be a lot of factual leeway in such situations, especially since many of the facts below have come out only since the 1990s.

Disapproving Look: Sometimes, when you need to show your disapproval, you don't need to speak. All you need to display your disapproval is that look. It's not quite an angry or tense look; it's more of a look that says "really?" Generally, the one giving the glance has his or her brow lowered a little bit, with either a flat face or very slight frown with pursed lips. Often, the glancer has arms folded for extra disapproval effect. Particularly effective if the character in question is wearing glasses and specifically looking over the tops of them as in the page image.

This expression is commonly found on two types of characters. One is priests, clerics, or other religious figures. The other is the Housewife, generally the long-suffering variety, who tends to give this to both her bumbling husband and her misbehaving children.

In manga, this is accompanied with the Japanese onomatopoeia jii~ or jiro jiro, which indicates a long stare.

This look is also sometimes synonymous with the "Is Not Amused" meme.

Compare its "edgier" counterparts, Death Glare and Kubrick Stare. Facepalm and Fascinating Eyebrow both have nearly identical effects.
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