Lady Tamara (agdhani) wrote in 1_million_words,
Lady Tamara

NaNoWriMo 2021! Day 30/Day 14

Advice: find new ways to inspire yourself. Create mood boards for your book. Grab pictures of actors or models that fit your characters. Add pictures of scenes, houses, towns, objects or places of interest. Find art that matches the mood of your story and makes you feel the way you want your characters, and readers, to feel.
If browsing pintrest is too much of a distraction for you, find pictures to print and make a bulletin board to hang over your desk or writing space…or make them into your computer’s desktop screen to provide constant motivation.
But remember, don't let these distractions get in the way of WORDS!

Prompt: Your character wakes up thinking “Oh no, what have I done…”

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