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Lady Tamara

NaNoWriMo 2021! Day 11

Advice: Sometimes the right background it ambient, nature noises, pop tunes, opera etc, can really help the muses flow and help us get into the right headspace to put words to a page. YouTube, of course, is an ideal place to find anything you want, as you can type in something obscure like 'dark post-apocalyptic soundtracks and come up with hit after hit. Or that one particular song on the radio or by your favorite band might imbue your scene with just the right flare to make words flow. You can also try sites like ambient-mixer to build your own collection of background sounds...creating anything from a crowded market to a pirate ship on a stormy sea to a monster-filled dungeon.
Beware this phase can be a huge time suck because its as fun as it is helpful! This is definitely one of those things to do well before November 1st comes around.

Prompt: Prompt: Ripped from the headlines. Flip to a random page in magazine or newspaper. What did your eyes land on first? A news story about a kid who discovered a new species of dinosaur? An ad for deodorizing shoe inserts? A weather forecast for a record-breaking heat wave? A job offer for a paranormal investigator? Allow it to inspire a new scene with your characters.

Tags: challenge: nano!, monthly: challenge


    The month closes out momentarily!!! Cram in the last few images or words and tell us all about them!!

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