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OMG, I almost forgot I was on this again! And it's Tuesday here in NZ, but still Monday in some places so phew! How are you all doing? I am having a great week so far, because yesterday was a public holiday (Labour Day), and I am on leave from work for the rest of the week, so yay! While we are still in lockdown here in Auckland (Week 10 ends today), I have been working fairly constantly on financial assistance-related stuff for lockdown for the whole time, so I am more than ready for a break!

It's very much looking like it could be a lockdown Christmas here, although I am hoping not as my hubby and I were planning to go visit our older daughter in Christchurch a week before Christmas. It could still happen as our vaccination rates go up. At our place we are fully vaccinated, and my Auckland-based daughter has had her first jab, so we are hoping the rising vax rates will mean we can open up soon.

Right! On with the show. I can't do links today, so please check out all the usual tags or scroll back through previous entries to find all those great prompts you missed!

The current long challenge is Nano/original fic, so be sure to check out the entries and get something going if you can! agdhani is doing a marvellous job with suggestions and advice! She is a longtime Nano entrant and novel-writer so she knows what she's talking about!

If you're doing Big Buddy, you should be on about 84% now. How are you going with it?

Your flash challenge for today is: Caught in the Act
Do what you will with it, then give yourself a big ol' pat on the back! I'd love to see what you did with it, so don't forget to link us if you can!

We are getting close to the end of another month so don't forget to update your numbers before the end of this week! And remember, there's only two months of 2021 left now, and we haven't got to the 3 million yet, although I feel it in my bones! We'll get there this month! The big question is... can we push hard enough to get 4 million by the end of December? Personally, I think it's doable, but we need your help!

Sign up for the annual Swap of Joy before it closes, and ensure you're on board to helping push those numbers up by Christmas Eve!

Okay, that's it from me! Over and out, and let's be creative out there! ;-)

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