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Crossovers: Who wants a reward?

Hey everyone! Crossovers Challenge finished last Friday, and you guys did great! skargasm did something like ten entries, which was fabuloso! YAY, you! I am definitely making you a banner, and I've asked what pics you'd like on it elsewhere, so do let me know.

Two others that I know did something are the wonderful jujukittychick and the delightful asphaltcowgrrl, and you two deserve some pretty banners too! What sort of pictures would you like me to use?

Did anyone else manage something that they haven't linked yet, or you have linked but in my blindness I haven't spotted? Give me the news here (and a link if you have it handy) and I will gladly make you a banner too. Bear in mid I no longer have access to PS, so it'll be done using the majick of free programs on the internet. ;-P

Let me know by the end of this week and hopefully I will find time next week as I am taking a WHOLE WEEK off work. It'll be a staycation as we're still in lockdown here in Auckland (10th week starts tomorrow), but I need a break and I have so much stuff to do! I am very happy to be having the time off, even without going anywhere, I can tell you. I am completely over this lockdown, but this will help! ;-)
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    The month closes out momentarily!!! Cram in the last few images or words and tell us all about them!!

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