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NaNoWriMo 2021! Day 1

As the long/monthly challenge, I've accepted the task of helping those of you who are up for the NaNo Challenge to get through it...or to just offer tips and prompts to get that creativity flowing.
I'll offer one tip, one photo prompt, and one written prompt every day...with occasional bonuses as the muses strike.
Feel free to use the prompts however the mood swings...and if you need something specific to get through Nano, please ask

And as a bonus, as it is also Original Fiction Month...the prompts can be used towards that end as well!


Advice: Find a story you love. Write the book you love, not the one you think you should write. If you write something you’re not in love with, you’ll become unmotivated faster.

on an unrelated of the things I try to do to ease the stress of November, is to do the majority of my holiday shopping/crafts/cards they don't distract me in November and are ready to go at the start of December ;)

Prompt 1: Every year, when the clock strikes midnight on November 30, something very small (and very important) happens. What is it?

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