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Really Random Tuesday!

Or, if you actually know anything about me, you'd know this is a daily thing in these parts. Hahaha.

So, in honor of the changing season, thatwasjustadream had the fabulous idea of having a random prompt day every Tuesday until the end of the year.  Sound like fun?  I sure thought so.  I'm going to drop a few fun things for you today.  And just FYI: as tempted as I was to torture you with Walker Hayes' "Fancy Like", you'll have to find your own Bourbon Street Steak and Oreo Shake this week.

First, my current favorite song: "Dance with Me" by Niko Moon

Next, I have an entire Pinterest board full of pithy quips and sarcastic comebacks that I'm saving for a rainy day. A bit of potty language in today's choice.

Here, Hold My Morals

Lastly, a quote from something I read and thought was worthy of saving.

"When you know about something it stops being a nightmare. When you know how to fight something, it stops being so threatening." - Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski

I think that's enough wit and wisdom for one day. Hopefully something tickles the muse.
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