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Crossovers Challenge

Well here I am again to bug you with more crossovers ideas!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Harry Potter turned up next to Katniss and was chosen for the Hunger Games? Or Damon Salvatore arrived in Sunnydale and wasn't immediately slain by Buffy? Now's your chance - get those weird and wonderful ideas out of your head and onto the screen for others to enjoy!

I must admit, I am having a blast writing my spook_me prompt which happens to be a crossover between the Buffyverse/Teen Wolf but alas, it will be published too late for this set of prompts. But don't let that stop you - pick your goody or baddie, and throw them into a whole new playground - just think of the mischief they can cause!

1) Fandom A character ends up sitting next to Fandom B character at a sports match and get chatting/flirting;

2) Fandom A baddie gets caught up to mischief in the territory of Fandom B baddie - what kind of punishment might they face?

3) The good old waking up in Vegas after the night before to find you're married to (pick your character)!

Make with the wallpaper, headers, fiction, picspams - let your mind roam free!
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