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Weekend Challenge: Schedule, Part Two (July '21 to January '22)

I am so sorry that this has taken me so long to get to, everyone! I finally had work quieten down enough to catch up on a few things, as during home time I have not had access to my own laptop since mid-August.

As most of you know, the Weekend Challenge prompts will be open to fill (and linked back to the Weekend Challenge post) until Thursday of the following week. The challenge post will go up on Friday (or Saturday morning at the latest); the Weekend Challenge host will advise what you need to do to get prompts & how to fill them, and you may even get a reward, should your host be so generous!

As ever, I'm using nicknames and colours to make it easy to pick your own dates out. Hopefully, everyone's good with these nicknames - let me know otherwise and I'll change them to whatever you prefer! ;-)

This six-month period's volunteers are:

[personal profile] thatwasjustadream = DREAMY
backrose_17 = ROSE
kitmerlot1213 = KIT
haldoor = HALDOOR
erinm_4600 = ERIN
agdhani = AGDHANI
shanachie_quill = QUILL
cmk418 = CMK

The schedule (with past dates already crossed out):
01. 09-Jul-21 to 11-Jul-21: HALDOOR
02. 16-Jul-21 to 18-Jul-21: HALDOOR
03. 23-Jul-21 to 25-Jul-21: AGDHANI
04. 30-Jul-21 to 1-Aug-21: DREAMY
05. 6-Aug-21 to 8-Aug-21: ERIN
06. 13-Aug-21 to 15-Aug-21: CMK
07. 20-Aug-21 to 22-Aug-21: ROSE
08. 27-Aug-21 to 29-Aug-21: CMK
09. 3-Sep-21 to 5-Sep-21: KIT
10. 10-Sep-21 to 12-Sep-21: HALDOOR
11. 17-Sep-21 to 19-Sep-21: ERIN
12. 24-Sep-21 to 26-Sep-21: AGDHANI

13. 1-Oct-21 to 3-Oct-21: QUILL DREAMY
14. 8-Oct-21 to 10-Oct-21: ROSE
15. 15-Oct-21 to 17-Oct-21: DREAMY
16. 22-Oct-21 to 24-Oct-21: KIT
17. 29-Oct-21 to 31-Oct-21: CMK
18. 5-Nov-21 to7-Nov-21: QUILL
19. 12-Nov-21 to 13-Nov-21: ROSE
20. 19-Nov-21 to 21-Nov-21: DREAMY
21. 26-Nov-21 to 28-Nov-21: KIT
22. 3-Dec-21 to 5-Dec-21: ERIN
23. 10-Dec-21 to 12-Dec-21: AGDHANI
24. 17-Dec-21 to 19-Dec-21: HALDOOR
25. 24-Dec-21 to 26-Dec-21: DREAMY
26. 31-Dec-22 to 2-Jan-22: QUILL
27. 7-Jan-22 to 9-Jan-22: KIT
28. 14-Jan 22 to 16-Jan-22: ROSE

Note: These dates are the Fri/Sun of your week, so please try to post on the Fri night shown (or early Sat morn at the latest) in your local time. It's okay to schedule your post ahead of time and leave a list of prompts for others to choose from (or under a cut with numbered prompts and asking everyone to choose the number before they go under the cut) if this is easier for you than being around to hand out prompts! I leave this up to you.

Everyone I've listed here, please advise the following in a comment:

Dates: All good! / All good, except (date/s); can do (date/s) instead if someone will swap / other (comment)
Reminders needed: yes/no

Note: I will normally email or PM reminders on Wed or Thurs of your upcoming weekend so there's time to find a replacement if for some reason you aren't able to do it.

Let me know if I made any mistakes with dates or anything else, so I can correct them!

agdhani this means you're up for the coming weekend - I hope you're good with this - let me know if not and I'll get someone to swap! And Dreamy, if the Christmas post isn't going to work for you, please say and I'll see if anyone else can manage it.

And if anyone else wants to volunteer as back-up (in case someone has to change at the last minute) let me know in a comment here too!

Thank you all again for volunteering! ;-)
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