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Crossovers: More prompts!

I am behind again! I was thinking we should be putting up some prompts every 4 days or so, but I've let it slide! Anyway, here I am at last with some more prompts for you. skargasm has made such a pretty banner for this challenge, so I have decided to use it in my posts too - thank you so much, my dear, hope you don't mind me doing this.

Your prompts for today are:

1. A character from Fandom A turns out to be a past love of a character from Fandom B, and this comes to light during a conversation with another character from one of their fandoms. You can choose whether the person/people they are talking to about this knows the past love character.
2. Fandom A is under fire for something, and Fandom B must come to the rescue. You choose whether it's actual gunfire, or they have been accused of something and Fandom B has to clear their name. Either side can be the whole team, a couple of characters or just one person.
3. A character from Fandom A's dog runs away, and while searching for it, a character from Fandom B gets caught up in the search, or has found the dog and returns it. Feel free to change the animal if that works for you.

And don't forget, every entry in before the 15th of October is in for a banner! So let's get creative out there!
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    The month closes out momentarily!!! Cram in the last few images or words and tell us all about them!!

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