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Weekend Challenge: Anne Rice books

OK, so call me a slacker because I still haven't made up the "new" Weekend Challenge schedule, but it's almost my turn again anyway.

Who's a fan of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles? There is news on the show based on her novels FINALLY happening, which most of us fans have been waiting for since forever, so I'm going to use my collection of her books to find you a quote of some kind. I have all the Vampire Chronicles, all the Mayfair Witches books, the two Mummy books, the two Wolf books, and most of the individual stories, though I do not own the Lord or Angel books (as I gave up on her during her Religious phase, and only returned to the fold when she returned to Lestat, and then also picked up the Wolf books).

Give me a random number from 1 to 30 (I will count through my books in their order on the shelves, so each book will be given a random number within that range, altho' as I lie in bed writing this I am not 100% sure the exact number of her books I have - let's hope it's 30, but it sounds about right!), and I will find you a quote from that book.

Use the book title and/or quote any way you like in something you create of at least 200 words or 2 icons before midnight Thursday, and I'll reward you with a drabble, icon or words in one of my WIPs.

Come on and invite me in! ;-)


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