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Monday on Wednesday

Well, in expected fashion, I put a reminder in my calendar, watched it pop up and then promptly forgot about it until now, after 7pm on Wed night... I'm reminded of one of my favourite Douglas Adams quotes: "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by."

Anyhoo, better late than never! So how is your week going? Mine has been crazy busy at work, which I'm currently doing from a full lockdown at home again (Level 4) - we've just started our 4th week of it here in Auckland, while the rest of NZ gets to ease up to Level 2 as most of the current Delta outbreak of Covid19 has happened here in our fair city. The good news is that daily infection rates have dropped from the 70 per day of a week ago to only 15 today. This means we may be able to go to Level 3 next week, which for many is good news as they can get their take-away coffees again. Personally, I'm happy with instant (Philistine that I apparently am), or a pot of Hawaiian chocolate macadamia filter coffee on occasion (yes, Amy, I still have a few packs left!). I will be happy to be able to get the odd meal delivered and/or pick up food and other items once we get there, all the same, even if I'm too wary to go too far!

Right, on with Monday business! I'm posting from my phone again, so you'll have to look up the usual links, like Word of the Day, Weekend Challenge, Torrid Tuesday, A-Z, Numbers etc, as well as our new long challenge, Crossovers, but you know how to find the tags!

If you're doing Big Buddy, you should be at about 27% of your monthly goal. How's that going?

And today's flash challenge is: Marathon. Do with it what you will, but as any words you get go towards our total, you can pat yourself on the back for having done them!

Have I missed anything? How about we discuss our latest creative efforts apart from words or graphics? What are you making or have you made lately that you're having fun of some kind with? I'm still going on my crochet temperature blanket, although I'm stalled halfway through July as I've once again run out of a colour! I'll have to order more, if I can find enough other bits to add in to make the $12 delivery fee worthwhile.

I've been knitting peggy squares in between times, and have done about 10 of them with scraps of leftover yarn. The idea with that will be to knit enough to make a baby blanket to give to a hospital charity that offers them to new mothers, who can't afford much, when they take their babies home after giving birth.

And I've also just designed my Christmas cards for this year - I've been making them myself for about 25 years now, and I really enjoy coming up with a new idea each year. I'm pretty happy with this year's design, so now I can begin making them in earnest! I'll make around 50 to send to friends & family both in NZ and overseas.

And that's Monday on Wednesday for this week! Let's keep being creative out there!


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