Crossovers Challenge!

OK folks. Let's kick this off! So far this month, I have been officially useless, so I need to slap myself out of it!

This challenge will run from now until October 15th. You have just under 6 weeks to create something of shall we say at least 1000 words, or any of 10 icons/5 banners/a wallpaper, if you are graphically inclined.

I will attempt to post every few days to give out a prompt or two, but largely I'll be leaving it to you this time around! Use your imagination - crossover Miss Marple with Futurama, Downtown Abbey with Hawaii 5 0, Doc Martin with NCIS, Eastenders with Stargate, or something less extreme and more expected like H50/NCIS LA, CSI NV/CSI NY, but whatever you choose, make it fun and enjoy yourself!

Today's prompts are some classics:

1. Team A come to help out Team B.
2. A character from Show A meets another character from Show B in a bar.
3. A character from Show A went to school with a character from Show B, and it's school reunion.

Let me know in the comments if you've got some ideas you're thinking of playing with, either in general over this challenge or specifically related to the prompts! I'd love to have you join in!

And if you participate in the challenge, I'll offer banners to do with as you wish, which will also mean I'm making something to add to our count!


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