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It's almost the end of the month, so don't forget to update your count figures! C'mon everyone, let's nudge it towards that 3 mill mark!

Also, the Rare Pairs long challenge finishes on the 31st, so use these last few days to get some words or graphics in!

And the new long challenge running from 1 Sept to 15 Oct is Crossovers! Who's ready for that? I have to tell you, I'm in charge of it, and I'm so not prepared! flipflop_diva is down to help me, so comment here or pm me, my dear, to let me know how you're fixed for helping. I know you have lots happening, so I'll understand if you can't offer much.

And in that respect, I may be a bit limited myself as I still don't have my laptop back from my daughter, and work is very busy again now NZ is in a full lockdown, which for my part of the country will continue for at least another couple of weeks past Tuesday, if not longer.

So, if you think you can help out with ideas or posts or any other little thing, please comment here.

And finally, if you have any good Crossover prompts, or suggestions for specific Crossovers, or in fact, anything like that, please comment here. I'm not making it private as I just won't be able to cope with copying and pasting and collating on my phone, so will be looking at linking back here if needed.

Anyway, any suggestions, prompts or other help you can offer for the Crossovers challenge will be gladly appreciated!
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