cmk418 (cmk418) wrote in 1_million_words,

Weekend Challenge - Let's Paint!

One of the things I love doing on my rare trips through hardware stores is to look at the displays which show the whole spectrum of paint colors. Some of the names of the paints are straightforward- Mint Green, some are less so- Sea Breeze, and some are downright bizarre- Divine Pleasure.

With some help from Google, I've devised a list of 100 paint colors to prompt you. Feel free to choose a number or numbers between 1 & 100 or ask for however many random prompts you'd like. You don't necessarily have to use the prompt as a color (and once you get past number thirty-one, it may be difficult to do so). If you write 200 words or create some art by 11:59pm on Thursday, September 2, I will reward you with a drabble or words to a WIP.

Happy writing! (And if this inspires you to do some painting, let me know!)
Tags: weekend: challenge

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