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The biggest news in my neck of the woods is Henri. The storm was expected to hit here hard on Sunday, but like that crazy relative who decided to drive rather than fly out to visit you and is stopping to see all the sights on the way, Henri made landfall and slowed significantly. He's ambling his way north-west and is expected to take a hard right and actually get here in the afternoon today. If you happen to be in Connecticut or southern New York, ( or Tennessee) my fingers are crossed for you keeping your power and not getting flooded while uncle Henri looks for New England's largest ball of twine.

That said, your Flash challenge this week is: Roadside Attractions! Give me a graphic or 100 words about the quirky locations and I will... tell you that you are awesome!

Big Buddy folk should be at 74% at the end of the day. How are you all doing?

Our long term challenge is Rare pair challenge, take some time and check out the prompts that will fill your creative brains with inspiration!

Sadly, I am not able to link all the wonderful prompts that have been posted in the last week as I cannot fine the mouse for my laptop and legitimately cannot figure out copy, paste or right click on this laptop without it. But if you need more inspiration just left button through the posts here and MAKE MORE WORDS!

Happy Monday to you all!!!
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