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Rare Pairs Day 25-26

Day 25
Theme this time is Disney.  There's at least one we all know and love.  These aren't the classic fairy tales full of mutilation and sadness, everybody gets their happy ending, sometimes the villain even gets to live. 

Are the characters zapped into the movie? (I see that a lot with Loki in either Avengers or SPN lol)
Are they super fans and having a themed party?  Do the characters stumble into a meet cute because one of them makes an offhand comment and the other overhears them and starts arguing about how *the one true movie* is the absolute bestest?  Is it a total remake of the movie using the other fandom's characters?  Maybe they're putting on a play?  And of course, there's always dream sequences.  Lots of ideas to borrow for this one.  Or hell, flip the script on the movies and have one of the princes/esses from one of the other movies come be the hero for the other one.  (There was a lot of Moana/Ariel artwork and stuff floating around when it first came out for an example)

Of course it doesn't have to be one of the fairy tale remakes, it could be based off of one of the other movies or tv series.  One Hundred and One Dalmations (I'm totally hearing "Stiles, no!" "But puppies!!!" lol), Tarzan, The Parent Trap (Twins and mistaken identities are always fun), Pirates of the Caribbean. Do Minnie and Daisy run away together? Maybe Max and PJ from Goof Troop are having a secret relationship behind their dads' backs.  Does Webby from Ducktales end up in a polyamorous relationship with Hewey, Dewey, and Louie? Or maybe Launchpad become's Scrooge's sugarbaby. LMAO and now that I've put those ideas in your head, you're welcome :D

Day 26
Another songfic, and bare with me...Madonna's "Like a Virgin"

I was beat
I'd been had, I was sad and blue
But you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
Shiny and new (Hoo)
Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time

So maybe your character just got out of a bad long term relationship and they've found someone new that shows them love and caring and makes them feel "shiny and new" and gives them those butterflies and nerves back like when they were a virigin first experimenting with relationships.

Or, maybe your character has been pretty free with their affections, experimenting while in high school and/or college, and they meet someone who brings out real emotions and they find themselves falling in love for the first time.

Or, for some angst, maybe your character has had to prostitute themselves for whatever reason, either by choice or neccessity, and now they've met someone that they want a real relationship with, but they have to come clean about what they've done in the past.  For some added drama, they're being forced into it by the bad guy and the person they fall for, who's been treating them like somebody worthwhile, is a new business partner or relation of the bad guy.


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