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Rare Pairs Challenge: Day 15-16

Since I failed spectacularly this week, we're doubling up on prompts:

Day 15
Teen Wolf - So I ship Stiles with just about anyone, but that's me.  Below are some suggestions for pairings I don't see enough of.  And since poor Derek needs some love too, I've tossed a couple for him in there.  And of course Queen Lydia needs somebody that can keep up with her.  These are just some suggestions to get you started,

Pairs - Stiles/Jackson, Stiles/Danny, Stiles/Jordan, Stiles/Cora, Stiles/Erica, Derek/Jackson, Derek/Chris, Derek/Sheriff, Lydia/Derek, Lydia/Peter, Lydia/Cora

Moresomes - Pick your favorite pair and toss some unwitting friend(s) or stranger(s) to their tender (or not so tender) mercies

Crossovers - how about characters from Harry Potter, Marvel/DC, NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, or (insert your fave fandom here).  Bill from HP is one I haven't seen used a lot, he's been attacked by a werewolf and is now bearing scars from it, how would he react to one of the wolves?  Or maybe Braedon who has her own scars? LMAO and now I'm picturing the horrified look on Jackson's face after running into Fred and George.  Bucky and Clint have both been brainwashed and used to do horrible things, how would Jackson or Stiles relate to them after going through the same kind of thing?  Maybe Stiles skips the FBI and joins a different branch of law enforcement? Or maybe Sheriff opts to get transferred out to Hawaii and meets the odd couple that is Steve and Danno?

Day 16
So, I'll try a quote this time from Labyrinth since I have a few of those in permanent memory at this point lol.  Use the quote itself or use the idea behind it as a prompt.

"What kind of rubbish is that? It doesn't even start with 'I wish'." *tsk* "All she has to say is 'I wish the goblin king would come and take you away right now!  That's not hard is it?!"

Are your characters the ones urging on the wishing away (maybe they have a quota to meet), or the one doing the wishing? Is the person being wished away going to be rescued by their true love or maybe the goblin king/queen is a much better romantic partner? Of course it doens't have to be goblins either, fairies would be a great substitution or any other mischievous spirit, perhaps from a non-european based religion? 
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