kaige68 (kaige68) wrote in 1_million_words,

Monday Schmonday

Well hello there,

I'm late, but it's still Monday here so I'm going with it.

The past few weeks have been hectic training my new assistant, but she does look like she'll last, so that's a win, but it doesn't leave me time to check in when she can't see that I'm not working... Woe is me.

And your flash challenge is: Working late Do with it as you will and then claim all the glory!!!

Big buddy peeps should be at 6%. How are you all doing?

Our Rare pair challenge is in full swing. Head over and take look, find something to inspire you and MAKE MORE WORDS!

And the posts for the week have been:
Brummagem - Torrid Tuesday - 507 - Alfresco - Parnassian - D - Sustainability - Thursday Tropes - Versal - Bibliopole - Weekend Challenge - Celluloid - Simpsimus

Sorry to be brief, but I've still got to get a few more things done at work. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
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