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Alright my dear friends, onto our newest long challenge-- Rare Pairs!!

Things you need to know:

This challenge will run from July 18th to August 31st

Rare Pairs Rules—I’ve pretty much taken the rules already set up because they’re pretty clear.

1) A Rare Pair means that the pairing is new OR rare to YOU. If it's a canon/popular pairing in a fandom but you've never written it, or if you haven't created any (or more than a few) items for that pair in the past, your rare pair qualifies.

2) Cross-overs with other fandoms are allowed and encouraged.

3) The Rare Pair does not have to be a romantic pairing. Friendship pairing works too.

4) Please make fics around 1,000 words in total for the month, or 3 banners/10 icons for the month (in any combination of multiple or single contributions). It doesn't have to be over that number; if you're a little under, that's no problem, as long as it's worked on during the weeks of the challenge.

5) Any questions, please ask me (kitmerlot1213), jujukittychick or simplyn2deep

For the rest of July ( Aug postings will be from our other two lovely hosts) I’m going to post a new prompt, maybe it will be a snippet for an idea for a story, or a quote from a TV show or maybe just a song title, and hopefully it will help inspire you to create that Rare Pair fic you’ve been dying to try. 

1st Rare Pair Prompt:       “Pining? Men don't pine. Girls pine. Men just... suffer.”

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