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A few more icons....

My challenge day was Thursday, and I made decent use of it- I have six more icons to offer up for the icon/drabble challenge that's wrapping. I'd hoped to make one for all 45 days, but 16 will have to do and I'm happy with it.

Once again, I combined two of each day's prompts to come up with a specific term to google- and once again, it went amazingly well. Who knew random word pairings could almost always yield some sort of related image? Feel free to grab any you might use. I doubt anyone needs a mocha blade sharpener icon (the biggest 'stretch' by far, but hey...). Maybe an orchid/work icon for posts about orchids or work. Red/Walk is my favorite- it's oddly foreboding. Olive/Snore might need re-doing, it's a bit blurry. And as for Salmon/Scrub- well, if there are any Grey's fans out there, have an Addison icon! And...may we all need a shiny, peridot green suitcase again very soon.

Peridot/Case, Salmon/Scrub, Mocha/Sharpening a Blade, Orchid/Work, Red/Walk, Olive/Snore
Tags: daily: count challenge

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