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Monday the moderate

Yeah, it's not that big of a deal today. Not that I'm on time with posting, but it's a pretty run of the mill Monday, so maybe it's a good day to get things done!!!!

Found out last week that not only does my puppy still have a parasite (that he arrived with I assume) but he has picked up a second one somewhere since he was tested a month ago for the first! How does this happen? He hasn't been anywhere? I can't bring him anywhere cause he HAS A PARASITE! End rant. Ugh. The adult dog is testing negative, so that's a perk. And therefore your prompt for the flash challenge is I feel dirty Do with it as you will.

Big Buddy - Everyone should hit 70% of their pledge to be on track today! How are you doing?

Daily Count folks - How are you doing?

Long term challenge - - Get your prompts! simplyn2deep has been posting some excellent prompts! Go forth and word!

For your weekly recap:
Cheesepairing - Rainy Days - Palmary - 286 - Emulous - X - Matzo - Thursday Tropes - Procellous - Weekend Challenge - Campestral - Pedantic - Flummoxed

AND - haldoor is looking for some folks to pick up some weekend challenges. Head over here to check in if you can lend a hand!

Happy random week in June!!!
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