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Weekend Challenge Volunteers please!

Hi everyone, I need YOU! Our roster for weekend challenge hosts is about to run out, so I need more volunteers for the 2nd half of the year! We have someone running them up to the 2-4 July weekend, but after that we're bereft!

I know a few of you have said you're keen to do more later in the year, but we're also happy to welcome anyone who has never run one before. Don't be shy - whether you only host one, or you're keen to do four, we need you here! Sign up in the comments - and be sure to let me know how many you think you can manage (typically around 3-4 weekends maximum in the six month period, unless the volunteer numbers vary a lot from the usual sign-up numbers), and the dates of any weekends or months you definitely CANNOT run a challenge. If you need help or want to check out how they work, check the 'weekend: challenge' tag for some previous entries (it's not difficult to run one, honestly!)

Thank you! Previous volunteers who have indicated they will do more, please comment again here, as it helps me plan.
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