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WIP Push banner rewards

Hey guys, I just remembered I didn't make the banners I promised for all those who took part in the WIP Push back in Jan-Feb! So I have just spend a while putting these together! I must thank flipflop_diva again for her base, which I have just added some detail to, and changed the colours so everyone gets one individualised. If you don't like the colour I've done for you, let me know and I'll change to something you like better, as long as it works. Otherwise, you can have it in the original colour Diva used with your name in red and the other text in black, as I have saved those ones too!

As you can see from my green one - on some colours the text doesn't show up very well (mainly lighter colours), so I tried to choose colours where the text stood out. Hope you like them - do with them what you will! ;-)
Tags: admin: rewards, challenge: wip push

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