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Weekend Challenge: Doctor, Doctor

Hey all - I threw my back out on Wednesday, so OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Breathing is hard, y'all

Inspired by my third day of pain..... I found a list of general trope-y injuries and maladies on Tumblr and have edited down to the 147 that I think are most "general" for your writing needs. (ie I pulled out most of the ones that are most triggering and/or not actually an injury)

Your task, as always, is to give me any number(s) between 1-147 and then do with them as your muse wills.

As for rewards, my personal muse went on a walkabout about two years ago and left me so deep in the writers' block swamp, I'm hanging out with Moira and Artax. (Too soon?) But know that I'm always cheering you on from here! ♥
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