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Lizet Elaine

Welcome to the June Daily Count Challenge!

Behind the cut, you will find a list of everyone participating in the Daily Count Challenge and their day. I'm 99% certain I got everyone who signed up and put them on the correct days, but if I missed up, or a day doesn't work out, comment to this entry and let me know.

June Daily Count
TU 1 – Dreamy
WE 2 – cmk418
TH 3 – flipflop_diva
FR 4 – agdhani
SA 5 – shanachie_quill

SU 6 – itsanonyx
MO 7 – skargasm
TU 8 – Dreamy
WE 9 – cmk418
TH 10 – backrose_17
FR 11 – flipflop_diva
SA 12 – agdhani

SU 13 – shanachie_quill
MO 14 – skargasm
TU 15 – Dreamy
WE 16 – cmk418
TH 17 – flipflop_diva
FR 18 – agdhani
SA 19 – simplyn2deep

SU 20 – backrose_17
MO 21 – skargasm
TU 22 – Dreamy
WE 23 – cmk418
TH 24 – flipflop_diva
FR 25 – agdhani
SA 26 – shanachie_quill

SU 27 – itsanonyx
MO 28 – cmk418
TU 29 – flipflop_diva
WE 30 – simplyn2deep

Every Monday night I will put up a reminder post for the next week. If someone forgets to post that they've done their writing for the day, the next person will know it's their turn and can post after they've done their writing.

For example, it's 05 June and shanachie_quill hasn't made a post saying that they've done their daily writing, on 06 June, itsanonyx can post when they've done their writing to keep things moving on.

I think I've covered everything, but if not, please let me know.
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