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Monday is actually Thursday this week!

Hi everyone. I should really hide my head in shame! K handed me the reins last weekend to post our usual Monday catch-up post, and while I knew I was supposed to do it, somehow it just never happened, and then this morning, I suddenly remembered my slackness!

To be fair, I did have a busy weekend and start to the week as my 2nd daughter moved out last weekend, and I was wrapped up with back-and-forths to her new place up to and including Monday night, and after a busy Tuesday at work, I had to go collect my mum for her usual dinner at our place, plus my daughter's dog from doggie daycare to bring back home, and as she came to dinner too (to see her grandmother and collect the dog!), there was no space for posting much. Yesterday, I simply forgot, as I am wont to do!

BUT, now I'm here, let's catch up! I have not been writing or making graphics because of the aforementioned busy-ness, but I hope to have a slightly quieter weekend this week (although there's still a desk to go, and a serious plant run to be done), so perhaps I'll manage to grab another Bingo card before May runs out! How about you?

Sorry, no time for links today, but check out our tabs to see what you've missed or to find some prompts if you haven't already used them! If you're Big Buddying, you should be around 64% of your monthly totals, so hopefully you're doing OK?

And let's leave it there, but don't be like me and forget what you should be posting! if you have, no biggie, you can still pick it up later! If you need help or encouragement, we're here for you! Let's be creative out there! ;-)
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