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Bingo Challenge- two more weeks to go!

Thinking about aiming for a bingo, but haven't made the time yet? We still have two weeks to go - plenty of time to put your fictional darlings through their paces. :) And/or create some icons or banners.

Flash challenge: Pick any 2x2 card from this year's bingo options, and write a ficlet of 400 words from the four prompts. Or make 8 icons from them. Set yourself a date this week to have it done and - Bam - 2x2 blackout!

Here's the tag page, if you'd like to see what other members are creating, and give them some kudos! And I'll post a page at the end of the month where you can share your accomplishments so I can make some reward banners (and further up our May totals 'cause I'm counting 'em. Ha.).

Here's to the rest of May- and I hope this spring/fall is treating you well!
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