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Lazy Monday

Well hello there good people of 1_million_words, and happy Monday to you!

It's Patriots Day here in Massachusetts (and Maine too) and I have the day off. So naturally I'm having a nicd lazy day. Knitting, binge watching Law & Order:UK, and trying to house train the puppy. Words would be nice, but words ellude me. *sigh*

Big Buddy - You should be 63.33333% through your month. How are you doing? Are you on target?

Flash challenge - In honor of Patriots Day lets go with "Historic battle re-enactments"

Our long challenge is now Bingo! The cards are inspiring, head over and check them out!

There are a plethora of other challenges going on and prompts posted, but the internet at home is dodgy at the very best so I will leave you to hunt them down on your own.

Happy new week to you! Go forth and be productive!
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