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Weekend Challenge: Let it Rain Down on Me Again Tonight!

It's my turn to run the weekend challenge, and as I woke up to rain this morning (don't get me wrong; we need it! But meh...), I have decided to dig out 25 songs about rain and dish them out to you for inspiration!

Use them how you will: let the title or lyrics inspire you, have one of your characters singing the song or obsessing over it, or just quote part of it in your fic. If you're graphically inclined, how about illustrating a scene from the lyrics in a banner or icon? Whatever you like, really!

Any fandom or original fic/image, any genre, any characters or none, and any size! Add to a WIP if you like! All I ask is that you do more than 200 words or 2 icons/1 banner, and link it here before Thursday midnight next week in your own timezone, and I'll reward you with 100 words in one of my WIPs or an icon of your choice!

Now, who wants a rain song? Comment with a number or numbers between 1 and 25, or ask for something random, and I'll provide you with your prompt! ;-)
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