jujukittychick (jujukittychick) wrote in 1_million_words,

the mind works in mysterious ways...

so, i haven't managed to work on any of my existing WIPs all year so far, i just stare at that taunting little cursor while it mocks me.  Instead, I get motivated to write an almost 5k word angsty oneshot.  And then I got motivated to write porn, incubus!stiles with needy bottom peter type porn.  Kinky, graphic, hardcore, no redeeming value smut.  I'm over 7k words into this thing and I'm not close to finishing yet.  *facepalm* whyyyyyy?! On the one hand, i decided to break it up into chapters so I'm actually going to be able to post a chapter a day until the fic is finished (because i really only have one big sex scene and some drama and feels left), which will be a first for me, because usually I stall out after a couple chapters and wind up with another WIP waiting for me to finish. but seriously, i have like 20 WIPs I need to work on, 4-6 major stories people have been waiting on next chapters on forever, and instead i start new porn (not even working on existing porn *points to two of said major stories*). le sigh

if any of you are interested, i'll start posting the chapters tomorrow though lol
Tags: misc: thinky-thoughts

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