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Thursday Tropes: Week 12

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This time around...A. FULL. YEAR. OF. TROPES!

Some Thursdays will have 2 tropes, some will have 3, but I think the majority will have 1 that's really popular.

Descriptions will be pulled from TV Tropes and a link provided if you want more information.

The rules? They're simple. Write at least 250 words or create 2 icons/1 banner. Anything from suggestive to outright porn is allowed.

This week, there is 1 trope!

Prince and Pauper: Combination of Swapped Roles, Identical Stranger, Princess for a Day and Fish out of Water. Two physically identical people from different backgrounds swap roles (either by fate or by arrangement) and have to learn how to fake being each other. Usually, both are portrayed as being unhappy with their current lives and think the grass being greener on the other side. The Prince or wealthier character is often a Lonely Rich Kid who finds their lifestyle a Gilded Cage full of never ending lessons, people telling them where to go, how to dress, and to always be "proper", and they yearn for friends and playtime. The Pauper or less wealthy character is often a person who barely gets enough food and money to survive, struggles in poverty, can't afford to go to school, and yearns for a life with more wealth and food. And the lesson they often learn is that the other person's life has it's fair share of hardships too.

Comes from the story The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain, and is regularly used in Disney TV movies, but not commonly in TV episodes, unless twins are involved.

If one is literally a prince (or other royalty), there will usually be a plot by the Evil Chancellor to depose him underway when the switch happens.
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