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Lizet Elaine

Thursday Tropes: Week 10

I lost track of the days of the week...and the time of day.

no title

This time around...A. FULL. YEAR. OF. TROPES!

Some Thursdays will have 2 tropes, some will have 3, but I think the majority will have 1 that's really popular.

Descriptions will be pulled from TV Tropes and a link provided if you want more information.

The rules? They're simple. Write at least 250 words or create 2 icons/1 banner. Anything from suggestive to outright porn is allowed.

This week, there is 1 trope!

But Not Too Gay click the link to read more: Okay, let's say you're done hiding your lesbians and you don't want to bury any gays. You want to feature a gay character on your show or, hell, make them the starring character! But what if they get a Love Interest? Will they flirt? Kiss? Hold hands? Have anything resembling or implying a sex life? Gay characters enjoy increased visibility in media and numerous positive portrayals. However, there is a bit of a Double Standard regarding gay love portrayals and love scenes and the like.

Rather, the lack thereof.
Tags: challenge: thursday tropes

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