kaige68 (kaige68) wrote in 1_million_words,

Marvelous Monday!

Well hello there! It's still Monday in most places! How is your day going?

I've done nothing of note over the weekend, and have no plans to be notable in the upcoming week. WOOHOO!

Okay so Big Buddy folks - 26% is where you should be, how are you all coming along?

Your Monday Flash Challenge is: Overnight/Express package.

And of course our Pool Party is underway. Get your suits on!

Prompts over the last week that you can still use are:
Verbum Sap - Lyceum - 525 - Doomscrolling - H - I - Obstreperous - Thursday Tropes - Weekend Challenge - Swivet - Friable - Ingenious - Slow Sated Sunday

So what are your plans for the week? How creative are you going to be?
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