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Pool Party Ideas - Original Fic style

So, here's an idea for you guys.  I know some of you aren't so much into fanfic writing anymore, but you can still use existing stories as inspiration.  Any public domain story (basically copyright free) can be used as inspiration or to remake as original fic (and thus be published and able to earn income).  This is why there's so many versions of Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.  Maybe Alice is an Alec? Or maybe Alice is the bad guy and the Queen of Hearts is just trying to wrestle her kingdom back from the grips of chaos? Maybe Dorothy winds up in a steampunk nightmare? What if Glenda is the bad guy and has tricked everyone into believing she's good? You get the idea.  Shakespeare's another good one. Think any Jane Austen or Charles Dicken book is included as well (explaining all the versions of Pride and Prejudice and A Christmas Carol).

Here's a link to find out how to determine if a book (or work) is under public domain, though it got confusing to me after a while; it might be easier to google "is X public domain". https://www.biblio.com/blog/2010/07/how-to-determine-if-a-book-is-in-the-public-domain/

And some more information about what you can do with public domain works https://gatekeeperpress.com/reprinting-and-selling-public-domain-books/

Also, if you're just wanting to read some of those books, here's a link that tells you about entire digital catalogues of free public domain books you can access https://www.vice.com/en/article/kz4e3e/millions-of-books-are-secretly-in-the-public-domain-you-can-download-them-free
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