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Witchers Deserve Nice Things Too - Prologue

For 1_million_words Pool Party Challenge, and a couple people who *really* wanted to see some Witcher fic ;)

Fandom: Witcher
Characters: Jaskier, Geralt
Words: 312

A/N: Inspired by several Geralt/Jaskier fics by @xxenjoy on AO3 as well as who knows how many others. Also, I haven’t read the books or watched the series and I’ve only played through the first part of the third game a couple years ago. Literally everything I know comes from fanfic.

Summary: Jaskier discovers how touch starved, and just generally mis-treated Geralt and his brothers are and decides that Witchers deserve nice things too


Jaskier didn’t know how long he’d been traveling with Geralt when he finally realized how averse to touching the Witcher actually was. A casual shoulder bump or hand placed on an arm received an automatic glare. Gods forbid that he receive a longer touch than that.  But, being the observant, and stubborn, person that he is, Jaskier realized why Geralt had probably become that way.  Everywhere they went, from small farmstead to bustling city and everywhere in between, when people weren’t running from the mere sight of him, they were throwing things or spitting at him. Few were dumb enough to try to actually fight him, but in crowded cities there were a few not-so-casual shoves as they’d pass through the market, but Geralt would merely grit his teeth and continue on.
Jaskier didn’t know what was worse, the obvious hurtful touches and actions, or the more subtle ones. He’d watched Geralt be turned away from brothels, the guards afraid he’d be violent with the prostitutes. The way that parents would hide their children as he passed. How merchants would refuse to take money directly from him for fear of touching him.  The way that Geralt would always wind up at an empty table no matter how full a tavern was.

As tactile and affectionate as Jaskier was normally, and how well-loved (or at least lusted after) as he was wherever they went, it was a sobering shock to his system. It was no wonder Geralt didn’t want to be touched if he’d been suffering with that kind of behavior for decades, always expecting to either receive a hurtful touch or to be shunned completely.

Well, Jaskier was no coward, Geralt was a man, an extraordinary one, yes, but still a man, and he deserved to be treated just as well as anyone else.

Jaskier just had to convince Geralt of that.
Tags: challenge: pool party, creation: fic

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