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Thursday Tropes: Week 7

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This time around...A. FULL. YEAR. OF. TROPES!

Some Thursdays will have 2 tropes, some will have 3, but I think the majority will have 1 that's really popular.

Descriptions will be pulled from TV Tropes and a link provided if you want more information.

The rules? They're simple. Write at least 250 words or create 2 icons/1 banner. Anything from suggestive to outright porn is allowed.

This week, there is 1 trope!

Cop/Criminal Family: The contrast between law and crime is very strong. They're typically stereotyped as Lawful Good and Chaotic Evil respectively, but may even be Lawful Evil and Chaotic Good, or anywhere in between. The point is, a character who works in law enforcement, such as a police officer, a detective, a lawyer, and so on, and a career criminal, will have a strong disparity between them.

With this in mind, a good way to induce drama (or even humor) between a law enforcer and a criminal is to have them be related. They might be siblings, or parent and child, but they should ideally be close.

This raises the dilemma of how the lawful one reacts to the criminal one. Are they aware of their relative's criminal doings?

Despite the name, the "cop" side is not just limited to police officers. It can be anyone who enforces the law, including, as mentioned previously, detectives, lawyers, and also judges, and so on.

Superbeings may apply, as there are likely quite a few familial relations between superheroes/villains, but they are a special case. Some superheroes are purely vigilante, and aim to fight bad people independently of the law. For superheroes to apply for this trope, they must be clearly working with/for the law.
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