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More funny moments

And: What normal morals/rules/guidelines go out the window with your fics (or fans lol)?

Okay, so backstory on this is I'm writing a Jurassic Park/Harry Potter crossover which is weird enough on its own, but it's working and my readers are like so massively into this story it's tripping me out.  But, I can not begin to tell you how many people since the *very first chapter* have been asking if I'm throwing the Dursleys to the dinosaurs, please feed the Dursleys to the dinosaurs, you are going to feed at least Vernon to the dinosaurs right??!?!!?!?!? And i'm just dying laughing about it because omg, at *least* half of the comments have been along those lines at some point.  The dinosaurs eating people was not supposed to be a *good* thing people lmao (though to be fair I was cheering when the raptors ate Hoskins and when Rexy and the raptors got some of the people in the original movie).

So yeah, what normal "this is bad and we as civilized humans theoretically don't condone this" kind of things do you find perfectly fine in your fics? Or, if they're apparently blood thirsty little minions like mine, your fans do?
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